So what's the buzz?

There's been a lot of talk of these "new Easy Fits" lately- what's so great about the new style? And, what's changed? This was a great diaper- why'd they mess with it??

The previous Tots Bots Easy Fit design was soft, trim, and had great prints. The bamboo absorbent layer next to baby gave parents a natural-fibers option with the convenience of an all-in-one. So what could possible be better about the new style?

  • Absorbent inner - In the new Easy Fit design, the bamboo+microfiber inner has been replaced with super-soft MINKY. Bamboo tended to stain, and, when hung dry, bamboo got a stiff, "crunchy" feeling, like most natural fibers. Microfiber can cause stink issues as well. The minky fabric loses the natural-fibers advantage, but cleans easily, dries quickly, and is equally trim and absorbent as the previous design. Plus, it's SO SOFT.
  • Stay-dry fleece - When the absorbent part of a diaper is up against the baby, with no stay-dry layer in between, the baby feels wet. While this is great for some stages (potty training!) it's less good in other instances (sleeping through the night!) The Easy Fit with bamboo had no stay-dry layer, so the babies felt wet. The new Easy Fit comes with a fleece liner that came optionally be used between the baby and the  diaper, keeping Baby drier.
  • SNAPS! - The Easy Fit has excellent hook-and-loop- I have been so, so impressed with this closure. Some people just prefer snaps, though, and the old design didn't provide that option. Snaps are now available! And, even better, the snaps match the color of the diaper, and so does the hook-and-loop, giving the front of the diaper a very clean appearance. How cool is that?
  • Prints - The previous prints were great, but parents are just melting over the cute fairy tale prints they're being replaced with! Three Little Pigs, Chicken Little, Hansel and Gretel, The Enormous Turnip, and Jack and the Beanstalk are bright, fun, and perfect for your babies' behinds. The Jubilee limited edition series reminds us of the UK heritage of these diapers- Tots Bots is based in Scotland, and the diapers are manufactured there.

We still have some of the old style left- so if you like the old Easy Fit prints or are looking for an all-in-one with natural fibers against your baby's skin, snatch up our remaining stock, since we can't order any more! If you want to try out the Easy Fit with new improvements, though- we have the new prints in stock with the minky style, and hope to have the solid colors in the near future. Buy a whole stash- 12 or more- and get $1 off each diaper. A great deal for a great diaper!


  1. I love these (or at least the "old" ones... we just got them, so they're new to us!) We use them as an overnight and I'm pretty sure it's my baby's favorite.

  2. Awesome! We love the "old" ones too, and hope people realize that & snatch up the bamboo diapers while they can! The new style is great too, but this was already a great diaper.